Enable Google Chrome UI Dark Mode on Windows, Android & iOS

Compared with the other browsers Google Chrome is considered the most recommended and popular browser in the current scenario. Google Chrome can be accessible with every device including PC, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Google Chrome app is consistent with the updates in introducing attractive interfaces that are user-friendly.

The recent update from the Google Chrome app is dark in color. At present, Google launched Chrome 74 with support for Linux, Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Android users. Learn about Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus ISO download 32 bit & 64 bit, and let us know your queries in the comment section.

How to Enable Chrome's Dark Mode on Android and Windows
Use Google Chrome UI Dark Mode on Windows, Android & iOS

In the Chrome 73, mac users have already got to experience the dark mode feature. But sadly, for Windows, iOS, and Android the Chrome color mode cannot be changed. So the users have to use the Chrome app in dark mode. 

The dark mode is usually hidden from the Chrome settings but the user can access it from the hidden flag settings. So let’s discuss the steps to enable google chrome UI dark mode on Windows, iOS, and Android.  

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Guidelines to Enable Google Chrome UI Dark Mode on Windows, Android, & iOS

If you are a Windows, iOS, or Android user, you can easily get access to enable Google Chrome UI dark mode. Follow the below methods: 

Update to Chrome 74

As mentioned above in the article, updating chrome can help you get access to change the mode. To update Chrome 74, follow: 

  • Confirm the version of your Chrome by clicking on the top right corner of Chrome. 
  • Select Help and Click “About Google”.
  • Go to properties 
  • Type the text -force-dark-mode and copy paste the flag. 
  • Click Apply 

This will help you update your Chrome to Chrome 74 and get access to enable Google Chrome UI. 

Using Windows 10 Settings

As we are already familiar with the Windows operating system and know how Windows 10 is winning the market. With the extraordinary features in the operating system, Windows 10 has every solution for the bugs. If you want your chrome to get an access to enable UI dark mode then Windows 10 is the best platform that can easily make your work done in the least possible time. We would suggest you to follow the below instructions carefully to avoid any failure in between performing the steps.

  • To start with, open Windows Settings by pressing Windows + I key combination
  • Hit the cursor on Personalization. You’ll get a lot of color options 
  • Click on Colors 
  • Scroll down and Choose your default app mode as Dark. 

After selecting the colors for the entire operating system, switching all the whites to dark mode. To revert press the Home Button thrice in quick succession and the colors. Enabling Chrome’s UI dark mode on iOS and Android helps conserve battery and is best when you are reading something on the phone. This can be the easiest method to enable google chrome UI dark mode, as you don’t have to do anything complex. 

Here's how you can enable dark mode for Google Chrome
Enable Google Chrome UI Dark Mode on Windows, Android & iOS

If you fetch any difficulties in performing these methods, drop down or connect with our expert and get the work done. 

Enable Google Chrome UI Dark Mode on Windows, Android & iOS

We ensure that you are satisfied with the information that we have provided on Google Chrome. Learn the procedure of enabling Google Chrome UI Dark Mode on Windows, Android & iOS. This version of macOS won’t harm your system yet it will offer you advanced features and smooth functioning over the workflow. If you ever come across with the doubts in Enabling Google Chrome UI Dark Mode on Windows, Android & iOS then feel free to drop in the query in the comment box and our team of experts will try to solve the query in the least possible time.  

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