How to Create a Windows Password Disk on Mac – Complete Guide

It happens sometimes that we forget our passwords and after which we cannot log in to our Windows account, so here comes the use of Windows password disk. So there is a nice software application called PassMoz LabWin, this application gives access to the user directly change the passwords when someone has forgotten their password.

How does PassMoz LabWin Work

When we normally turn on our desktop or laptop the computer takes time to boot the operating system which is present inside the computer and then it takes the user to the login page. But at the same time when any user will forget the password then he or she cannot get to the login screen.

How to create a windows password reset disk on Mac

In such Circumstances the Application Passmore LabWin helps, it contains within itself a pre-installed Operating system which is known as Windows PE, which instantly boosts the Operating system Windows PE when users have forgotten their password and having trouble so that the other processes that go on must not be hampered. For the resetting of Password, an inbuilt ISO burning utility is already present inside the application which will help the user to create Password reset disk on any other computer other than that computer. 

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How to Use PassMoz Windows Password Reset Disk

Now let’s go towards a deep dive to know how to work with this application. The steps are as follows:- 

  • Firstly the user has to create a password reset disk on his or her Mac device. For that, he or she needs to download the macOS version which is readily available on the official website of PassMoz Labin.
  • After the installation of the macOS user has to insert a CD/DVD or any USB drive which is available with them into the Mac and then start the application. When the application will open in the right side user can see there will be an option that tells how to create a password reset disk.

Click on that button and then it will redirect the user to an option where he or she has to burn the DVD/CD to create the password reset disk than the application will automatically create a password reset disk then the user can eject out the drive.

  • Now as the password reset disk is created to run only in windows insert it to the desktop where there was a problem of logging in and then run the boot. It will take some time to boot the machine during that time the user needs to change the order of the boot by pressing F2, F8 buttons. Then point the BIOS to the user’s password reset disk and after which the user has to exit the setup.
  • When all the steps are done at last when the desktop will boot to the Pass Moz Application then the user has to choose the correct ISO file which will be available in the left side corner of the application and then the user must select the user account which is locked due to the user having forgotten its password. 

The user then will be redirected to a button telling to reset the password. Now the user can easily rest the password and after that click enters the desktop will again boot normally and the login screen will appear.

Alternative Methods

There are also some of the other ways by which we can easily reset the admin password if it is forgotten by any chance but the above-mentioned method is the best.

DaRT and Locksmith

Dart is a Microsoft Diagnostics toolset; it serves as another method to reset the password in case someone forgets the admin password. But it is mainly used by the professionals to easily enter into a locked computer that does not boots up normally so that they could fix the issues that have happened into that computer. But PassMoz can be used by any individual only he or she has to install the application and boot from their recovery disk. 

Two ways to Create a Windows 10 Password Reset USB on Mac

Reset Microsoft Account

Most of the people in recent years use Microsoft accounts to sign in to their desktops, laptops so if in that case some user forget their password. Then it becomes very easy for the users to change the passwords because they have to just go to the Microsoft website and click on the link provided to reset the password and the password will automatically reset.

Create Windows Password Disk on Mac

So in overall if the user forgets the admin password and face problems in logging in then they can easily download the PazzMoz Application and by the above steps which are given in this article can easily reset the password and again can log in to their screen but without this application, there is always an issue because the user has to again then give the laptop or desktop to an IT professional who can use Dart to reset the admin password.

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