Microsoft Office 2016 free download for Windows 10 32-bit & 64-bit

Microsoft Office 2016: Software Information.

  • Software name: Microsoft Office 2016
  • Type: Packaged install
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Office 2016: Introduction.

Microsoft 2016 download for windows 10

Microsoft Office is a complete suite of productivity softwares which include both client and server side softwares. Microsoft Office was first announced by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates on 1st August 1988 in an event named COMEDX which was hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The term Office was initially intended to be used as a marketing buzzword for a productivity suite, it was released as a complete package of productivity applications which included Microsoft Office Word (a word processor), Microsoft Office Powerpoint (a presentation software) and Microsoft Office Excel (a spreadsheet software). Along the years, the tech space has seen the steady growth of the Office Suite by Microsoft which now includes a common spell checker, Object Linking and embedding and a powerful scripting language named Visual Basic. Microsoft also advertises the Office suite as a “line of business” software development platform which comes under the brand named Office Business Applications (OBA). Softpedia, an application downloads website submitted a report which suggests that Microsoft Office is being used by over one billion people around the world. The latest version of Microsoft Office is known as Microsoft Office 2016 and it was released on 9th July 2015. You can download microsoft office 2016 full version with key from this website.

Minimum System Requirements for Microsoft Office 2016

To run Microsoft Office 2016 on a Windows PC, you need to have the following minimum system requirements on your PC:-

  • A processor with at least one gigahertz of clock speed
  • Two Gigabytes of Memory (RAM)
  • Three Gigabytes of Disk Storage Space for installation (need some more space for temporary files)
  • Minimum of 1280 by 800 screen resolution
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or higher Operating System (Recommended to run on the latest Windows by Microsoft)
  • Dot Net Framework 3.5 (.Net Framework version 4.5 Recommended)
  • A Microsoft Account for OneDrive and Office 365

Key features of Microsoft Office 2016.

Microsoft Office 2016 free download

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows brought a wave of new features to the already quite packed productivity suite. Some of these latest features include the ability of users to make, change, open and save files directly on the cloud using Onedrive directly from your desktop. The new version also comes with updated search commands for Microsoft Office Powerpoint, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Office Access which is called Tell Me and also added a Send As feature in Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Powerpoint. The main feature which was focused on in the new version is real time co authoring for documents across all of the Microsoft office Products between a number of users who are connected to Microsoft Office Online which is an online Office Suite provided by Microsoft.

Some other minor changes or updates in the Microsoft Office ecosystem include a new feature called Insights which is a new feature which is powered by the Microsoft owned search engine called Bing. It is used to provide relevant information related to the content you are working on from the internet through sophisticated Machine Learning and AI algorithms which are optimised to suit your requirements.

The developers of Microsoft Office 2016 also provided a new Designer sidebar in Microsoft Office Powerpoint which can be used by the users to change and enhance the layout of the slides in Powerpoint and customise the colour scheme of the Slides according to the content being presented. The new version also adds new types of graphs and charts in Microsoft Office Excel some of which include treemaps, ring chart (more commonly known as a sunburst chart), box plot (or boxplot), waterfall chart and histogram, along with this the new version of Office Excel includes Financial and Calendar templates.

Also in Microsoft Office Powerpoint, we have access to new transition schemes like the Morph transition which can be used to make the presentations more intuitive. In Microsoft Office OneNote, we have the ability to attach online video content. Microsoft Office 2016 also provides a safeguard against data loss in Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office Powerpoint.

Microsoft Office 2016 is the first version in the history of Microsoft Office that has support for vector images, specifically the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format.

Microsoft Office 2016 Free Download Full Version and How to Install

You cannot install Microsoft Office 2016 along with Microsoft Office 2013 apps so before installing Microsoft Office 2016, you have to installed any previous instance of Microsoft Office 2013 apps if you have it installed. However, you can sideload Microsoft Office 2016 along with previous versions of Microsoft Office like Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, and Microsoft Office 2010 respectively. Microsoft only requires any instance of Microsoft Office 2013 to be uninstalled, for which you will be automatically prompted before installing Microsoft office 2016 free download full version.

The installation process of Microsoft Office 2016 on PC is going to be easy. For this you need to have your product key which you can find on your Microsoft Office 2016 packaging or by looking at your email receipt if you have purchased Office from an online store. If you haven’t purchased a copy, you can get microsoft office 2016 free download 32 bit from this website or get microsoft office 2016 free download full version for windows 7 64 bit with the product key.

  • Open up your favorite internet browser and go to and sign in with your Microsoft account.  
  • If you don’t have a Microsoft account already you’ll need to create one.  
  • Next, enter your product key. This will take you to a page with an install office button. 
  • Click on the install button. 
  • If you’re using a PC click Save. 
  • Run setup or save file from the bottom of your screen 
  • Now, double-click the Microsoft Office 2016 installer. This will take you through a series of prompts to follow.  
  • When the installation is all set, either click close or choose to see new apps.

These steps are only valid if you have purchased a genuine copy of Microsoft Office 2016, if you want microsoft office 2016 free download for windows with product key then you can find it on this website.

Final Words

Microsoft Office 2016 brought a wave of new features to both the Windows and Mac versions of Microsoft Office. It was a much-awaited update for users who use Microsoft Office for their document editing and presentation needs. The new features which include real-time collaboration between the users and insights feature which is powered by Bing are the main attractions to the latest productivity suite from Microsoft. You can get microsoft office 2016 free download full version for windows 10 from this website.

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